Tanya T. Dorman, Esq. is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney based in Hartford, CT, serving clients across Connecticut, including Waterbury and New Haven.

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC’s excellent reputation has been built on our extensive legal knowledge, dedication to each client’s case, and a strong will to win. If you have been charged or questioned in regards to a crime, don’t wait. Contact us today.

You are entitled to legal representation when being questioned by the police, and you should have it. The Dorman Law Firm, LLC strongly recommends having a Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney present whenever you are in the presence of Connecticut Law Enforcement.

The Dorman Approach

Tanya T. Dorman, Esq. works closely with each client, preparing the best possible defense. The firm will learn your case inside and out, bringing a full suite of resources.

We’ll look for procedural errors, civil rights and constitutional violations, and other evidence that can halt a trial before it begins. If it goes to trial, we’ll be ready. Successful defense motions will suppress evidence, and the prosecutions weak spots will be exploited.

When you need a Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side, Call The Dorman Law Firm, LLC at 860-524-1862 or email us at: [email protected]