Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Our initial priority is to ensure safety of victims and remove the abusive individual from the home. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Connecticut, it is a very serious offense that can result in probation, jail time, fines, or even the loss of parental rights.  Attorney Dorman understands the complexities of Domestic Violence cases and will do everything to protect your rights.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges in Connecticut can involve anything from actual bodily harm to a threat of violence that causes the fear of violence or harm.  If the police are called to your home, in the heat of the moment, the outcome of the situation is often out of your hands and even the accusers hands. Police take these charges very seriously and will make a determination on the spot whether to make an arrest or not.  Since domestic disputes may get heated and emotional, the accusations may not be entirely true or even completely false.  Sometimes the accuser uses the phone call to the police to scare the other individual and doesn’t realize what the consequences may be.

Restraining Order Defense

Restraining orders or orders of protection are court orders that require someone to refrain from engaging in certain types of behavior.  Most often, these types of restraining orders are issued to people involved in domestic situations involving family members or people in intimate relationships. Although restraining orders may start from a civil matter, violating a court ordered restraining order is considered a criminal act.  It is important to work with an attorney who is knowledgeable in domestic violence defense cases if there is a restraining order issued against or or you are being accused of violating your restraining order.

A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney On Your Side

If you are accused or have been arrested for domestic violence, don’t wait to contact a lawyer.  Our law firm will immediately begin investigating your case by going over witness statements and reviewing the process in which the charge was made.  We will search for discrepancies, police mishandlings, and determine if your accuser was making false allegations.  There are situations where statements may have been misunderstood or actions were misinterpreted by the accuser. In some situations, law enforcement may encourage the complainant to make a claim of domestic violence which is not supported by the facts.  Attorney Dorman is experienced and trained in domestic abuse cases and will work tirelessly for your defense and to prevent your incarceration or conviction.

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