Hartford Litigation Lawyer

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC is a litigation attorney with experience in local, state, and federal courts.  If you’re involved in or need help with a lawsuit, contact the litigation experts at The Dorman Law Firm, LLC.

Our common litigation cases include:

Breach of Contract

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC is a litigation attorney experienced in Breach of Contract lawsuits.  If you’ve suffered a heavy financial loss or other serious damages from a breach of contract, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney that aggressively fights for compensation.

If you have been named in a breach of contract lawsuit it’s imperative to have a lawyer on your side to defend your case. Before deciding how to proceed, talk to us to discuss the best avenue to pursue.

Property Disputes

Property line, ownership and title disputes are common types of civil litigation cases.  The Dorman Law Firm, LLC can assist you with your property dispute to help you achieve your desired outcome.  These cases many times cannot be resolved simply by reviewing a deed or title.  When legal expertise is required, trust The Dorman Law Firm, LLC – a Connecticut Litigation Attorney with a track record of success.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant disputes take many forms, and we’ve seen it all. If you’ve been unsuccessful in trying to negotiate a dispute on your own, it may be time to hire an attorney.  The Dorman Law Firm, LLC can give you guidance, provide formal letters and if it comes to it, file and manage your lawsuit. Before taking further action, contact us to discuss your case and determine the best way forward.

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC is a Connecticut Litigation Attorney on your side. Call us at 860-524-1862 or email us at [email protected] today to discuss your litigation case.