Child Support Lawyer

Child support is an issue that all couples with children have to deal with. Connecticut has mandatory support guidelines that will help determine how much you will receive or have to pay. There are a variety of factors and conditions that may change these amounts such as health care costs, expenses to facilitate a visit and the parties respective financial position that your lawyer can discuss with you depending on your situation.

Child Support Determination

Connecticut child support payments are determined by Connecticut Mandatory Support Guidelines. Should you make a mistake in completing the guidelines, you may overpay. Our lawyers can calculate the approximate amount you may receive or owe based on a variety of factors. Some of the determining factors include the physical custody of the child, the income of both parents, healthcare needs, childcare needs, and insurance. Sometimes situations arise when the courts may deviate from the guidelines or either parent’s income may be higher than the guidelines typically handle. Due to the complexity of these laws, it is best to discuss your specific situation with your lawyer to receive the best outcome for you and your child.

Enforcement of Child Support

If your spouse or partner is not paying court ordered child support, there are a variety of options and measures that can be taken on your behalf to collect the missing payments including wage garnishment, property liens, and a variety of other measures.

Modify Child Support

If your child’s financial need change or you, your spouse or partner’s financial circumstances change, you may be able to obtain a modification on court ordered child support. The Attorneys at The Dorman Law Firm may be able to help you modify your child support payments.

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