Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is a decision that can change the course of your life and the lives of your children. Divorce can be a long and onerous process that can open you up to various legal issues. You will need an experienced, yet compassionate attorney to guide you.  Throughout the process, our approach focuses on you throughout the process. We work tirelessly to protect your interests and help you get on with your life.

Hartford Divorce Filing

Dealing with courts, opposing counsel and various complex divorce laws can quickly become overwhelming . Our first step as your divorce attorney will be to make sure you understand the specific laws that govern divorce in Connecticut.  We will help you understand the law and the different outcomes that are possible with your situation.

Assets, Child Custody, and Alimony can be affected regardless of whether you or your spouse has committed infidelity, was involved with substance abuse, or was physically or emotionally abusive.  We will review the facts of your specific case and help you fight for the best possible outcome.

Divorce Topics

Asset Protection & Property Division
Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, meaning the distribution of property and assets may not end up being a 50/50 split.  Instead the goal of the courts is to divide marital assets and liabilities in a fair way according to a variety of factors including marriage length, income & earning capacity, childcare & homemaking ability throughout the marriage, age, health, as well as a variety of other factors.

Child Custody
Child custody is often one of the most highly emotional and contested areas of divorce. The idea of not seeing your child everyday or losing any time with them can be unthinkable.  Our compassionate and experienced attorneys will help guide you through this process as quickly as possible with your interests and the interests of your children in mind.

Child Support
Child support is an issue most divorced couples with children have to deal with.  Connecticut has mandatory support guidelines that will help determine how much you will recieve or have to pay. There are a variety of factors and conditions that may change these amounts that your lawyer can discuss with you depending on your situation.

Settlement Modifications
Life can change quickly in the months and years after your divorce.  Career changes, medical issues, relocation, and new spouses can completely change the direction of your life.  Many times the original court orders don’t apply to your new life changes and can cause unnecessary barriers to you and your children’s success and happiness.  We can help you file the needed petitions to the family court to modify your agreement.  

Domestic Violence
In cases of domestic violence, spousal abuse or child abuse, the initial priority is to protect the abused, remove the abuser from the home and prevent that person from having access to the home.

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