Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is often one of the most highly emotional and contested areas in divorce proceedings. The idea of not seeing your child everyday or losing any time with them can be unthinkable. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys will help guide you through this process as quickly as possible with your interests and the interests of your children in mind.

The Difference Between Legal Custody & Physical Custody

In Connecticut, child custody may refer to “legal custody” or “physical custody” and there are options for parents to share both equally.

Legal custody refers to the ability and right of a parent to make a decision about their child’s care, religion, recreation and education.  These decisions may involve schools, activities, medical issues, religion, etc.  It is possible and generally favorable by the courts that both parents have legal custody which is referred to as “joint legal custody”.  There are also circumstances where only one parent has legal custody of the child which is referred to as “solo legal custody”. In a solo legal custody, one parent has the right to make important decisions.

Physical custody refers to where the child will live.  It is possible to have joint physical custody as well where the child would split their time between both parents homes.  There are also variations to joint physical custody where a court may decide it is in the best interest of a child to have a primary residence but also have frequent visitation rights with the other parents.

Whether your child is a product of a marriage or other non-marital relationship, you have the right to legal custody and physical custody. Let the Attorneys at The Dorman Law Firm protect your rights.

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