When applying for a Visa or trying to obtain legal status, it’s important to work with an experienced immigration attorney.

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC can assist you with obtaining various immigrant and non-immigrant visas including L, H, T, S, U, B, E and more.

United States immigration laws and regulations are extremely complex, and when combined with the laws of local counties, the application process can become quite intimidating and overwhelming. Every immigration case presents different challenges that requires careful analysis and legal expertise.

The Benefits of working with The Dorman Law Firm, LLC on your immigration case:


We are diligent and effective in our preparation and submission of applications before the USCIS or Courts.


The Dorman Law Firm, LLC is here to analyze your case to determine what measures you should take to obtain a Visa. Knowing you have a Connecticut immigration lawyer on your side brings our clients and their families great peace of mind.


If your Visa application has been denied, we may be able to file a motion to re-open the denied Visa application.

When your Visa has been denied, it’s best to contact an immigration attorney to determine the best course of legal action.


Some persons can change visa status while in the United States denial of these or denial of extension of stay can result in deportation. We can help with the proper preparation of visa applications to reduce the risk of denials or inadmissibility to the U.S. We can help with extension of stays or request to change status to avoid denials and deportation.

The Dorman Law Firm, LLC is a Connecticut Immigration Attorney on your side.  Call us at 860-524-1862 or email us at [email protected] today to discuss your immigration case.