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Equitable Distribution in Connecticut

Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, meaning the distribution of property and assets may not end up being a 50/50 split. Instead the goal of the courts is to divide marital assets and liabilities in a fair way according to a variety of factors including marriage length, income & earning capacity, childcare & homemaking ability throughout the marriage, age, health, as well as a variety of other factors.

Determining Marital Property

Before the distribution of property can be handled by the Court, all assets must first be, identified, appraised and categorized into either marital property or separate property. Accurate classification can be complex and is best handled by an experienced attorney. Assets that were acquired during the marriage like your home, cars, bank accounts, etc, are all considered marital property.  Items that belonged strictly to one party prior to the marriage or were specifically designed as separated property may be classified as separate property during the marriage.

A variety of factors, including appreciation and other issues, can arise and complicate the division of property further. Both spouses are lawfully required to disclose all of their assets, but there are situations where your spouse may try to hide assets for their own benefit.  In these cases, our attorneys can take steps to find any missing assets and ensure that the marital estate is distributed fairly.

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